Paxlife Innovations


Next generation software platform for Unified Passenger Information

PaxLife Innovations envisions a Unified Passenger Information, where complex data flows are processed and streamlined to provide accurate and enhanced Passenger Information globally, across various channels and heterogeneous devices or vehicles.

Through its cloudedge software platform railSTACK and application paxCMS, PaxLife empowers transport operators and systems integrators to effortlessly design, update and deliver the real-time information, infotainment content and service logic the passengers really need.

By prioritizing a seamless and enjoyable travel experience, PaxLife supports its customers in enhancing a key service contributing to the long-term growth and utilization of rail and public transport networks.


White Paper

Towards Unified Passenger Information

PaxLife delivers all its solutions based on railSTACK, a powerful cloud onboard hosting platform to support, deploy and securely manage any applications that run on rail, buses or other means of transport; it allows the easy and flexible setup of adding value digital services at any time onboard any fleet, maximizing end customer satisfaction and, ultimately, better business outcomes.

Hosted on railSTACK, the paxCMS application serves as an intuitive editing tool for users to easily create and modify the passenger information concept, information layouts, and customized playlists. Without any prior programming knowledge, providing flexibility and adaptability to meet evolving needs.

Vertical demos over common large scale field trials for rail, energy and media industries

PaxLife Innovations is very proud to have joined the VICTORI 5G consortium in early 2021. PXI’s combined experience with media and transport operators brings expertise in software and content hosting as well as deployment and distribution to support the consortium in developing an architecture and prototype suitable for (multi-) CDN based media distribution in the transport industry.

The 5G VICTORI project is funded by the European Commission under the H2020 program.