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Digital Radio channels DAB+
Crystal clear sound, Live broadcasting,


Why should bus or rail transport operators and their passengers not benefit from the many high-quality digital radio channels that are already being broadcast live and whose content is free?

Thanks to a small receiver box installed in the vehicle, paxDAB+ puts high-quality digital radio within every passenger’s reach. Each passenger simply accesses up to 32 live radio channels* on his or her personal device via the operator´s application (even if the operator app just handles ticket sales today) and enjoys excellent sound quality from a variety of live programmes throughout  the entire journey.

Passenger devices receive the radio streams via a vehicle’s WiFi access point – either using an existing WiFi or via the receiver´s own built-in DAB+ access point, if none has been installed before. 

The paxDAB+ user interface, which shows the many DAB+ radio channels, is always linked to the operator’s application.

In addition, as an option, paxDAB+ can offer uninterrupted live radio transmission by seamlessly combining its own or the vehicle´s 4G, and DAB+ stream delivery.

In Germany, paxDAB+ has been developed in collaboration with the national German public radio broadcaster Deutschlandradio

*depending on the DAB+ coverage



DAB+. The future of radio is digital.

DAB+ stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and is a new transmission standard for broadcasting and receiving audio sound over the air. DAB is not reliant on the internet but is a separate and independent digital network.

One of the great advantages of DAB+ is the superior quality reception it offers compared to AM/FM radio; it never fades, even if the original signal is weak, and the listener always gets excellent crystal clear sound quality. In addition, it allows other types of information such as album covers, artists names or the latest news headlines to be transmitted and highlighted. And DAB+’s intelligent compression technology provides more space for a wider variety of programmes.

The DAB+ network is being extended across Europe and major improvements to the DAB+ infrastructure can be expected, bringing the technology within reach of more people. For Europe and the UK, the future of radio is digital.

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What is needed?


For operators of fleets of buses and coaches, nothing more than the paxDAB+ box is necessary, powered in the vehicle and connected to the DAB+ antenna cable. The operator can then decide on the “uninterrupted live streams” option. The simplest configuration of the DAB+ receiver box does not require installed WiFi in the vehicle.


For railway operators, in addition to paxDAB+, a rail-certified DAB+ antenna is provided for installation. PXI works with the experienced market leading provider Huber+Suhner and offers an all-in-one antenna extending the already superior performance of 4G, 5G to support live digital radio onboard.



In both cases, PXI integrates the DAB+ audio streams into the operator’s application and/or the WiFi network so that passengers can easily access them.

paxDAB+ box Screenshot 2022-02-18 BUS

What about audiothek and video-on-demand libraries?

The passenger offer can also be enhanced by offering podcasts or other on-demand content, such as the complementary audio library of broadcasters or even the attractive video libraries of streaming providers. To this end, paxDAB+ will be combined, always in one server box, with the other products in the portfolio such as our cloudedge railSTACK platform, which enable the seamless hosting and on-board delivery of any applications.