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railSTACK cloud hosting
platform on-board

Maximizing passenger engagement from door to destination


PaxLife’s flagship product and the foundation of its solution portfolio is railSTACK, a versatile cloud hosting platform embedded in vehicles.

The digital world and smartphones have increased the opportunity to multiply points of contact with passengers throughout the entire journey. Via the operators´app, passengers expect everything to run smoothly before, during and after their journey, while in the vehicle it is also the ideal time to engage with passengers by the offered services (moving map, at-seat order, entertainment, etc..).

But this digital relation with passengers is usually poor or even missing onboard.

Get introduced to railSTACK, cloud hosting platform in vehicle, to deliver transport operators´ digital image from door to destination and boost passenger engagement.

railSTACK enables operators to build, deploy, manage and update any set of apps to run on vehicles, allowing the simple and flexible setup of adding value digital services for passengers in any fleet at any time.

With railSTACK, operators keep maximum flexibility with no commercial restrictions to iteratively change, update, upgrade and fine-tune the digital services to maximize onboard experience, end customer and satisfaction and, ultimately, brand building and better business outcomes.

Services made available on the platform can be swapped at any time, new services can be implemented, tested and deployed easily in days; continuous adjustments can be applied in real time or new features can be added only when needed. The operator benefits from a continued competition among service providers, leverages on the mobile market dynamics, and builds around it’s own digital product.

At last, railSTACK allows applications to work directly in the vehicle as if they were connected externally. Only they are now available even if the vehicle is experiencing poor connectivity or even if it is offline when travelling in remote areas.


Benefits at a glance

Maximize Data Throughput

railSTACK collects and securely synchronizes significant amounts of data (up to 1 TByte per day) in both directions between the on-board train systems and the Cloud, no matter which route the vehicle takes.

Cloud Edge Hosting

Instead of hosting all the data in one centralized cloud, railSTACK relies on a distributed computing infrastructure, bringing data storage, computation and, in fact, your private Cloud hosting to the vehicle. This results in shorter response time for the users, lower bandwidth usage, and mitigates the risk of connection issues.

100% Data Control

Data exchanges are safe and secure. There is no involuntary data sharing with Cloud operators, unless operators choose to do so. In fact, railSTACK can be hosted on any private Cloud.

Seamless Integration

With electronic services and “apps” (or, in fact, any operator or Third Party software) hosted in the vehicle (see above), railSTACK is designed to continuously integrate and deploy updates that operators have decided to distribute to their fleet.

Hardware Agnostic

Full hardware abstraction means one software version for any variety of different hardware in your onboard fleet today.