Paxlife Innovations


Content Delivery Network On-board
for streaming apps delivery


Enable passengers to watch their streaming services onboard like at-home, while preserving the vehicle´ existing cellular bandwidth for other uses.

The delivery to people at home of media content from streaming platforms relies on Content Delivery Network companies (CDN) and their network of servers that ensure the quality of the content distribution up to the end user’s devices. Coming from an “origin” server, the content requested by consumers is cached and stored closer to where they are accessing the internet via a web-enabled device, then delivered as needed. This is in a “static” environment.

For “mobile” environments, despite significant investment made to install WiFi in vehicles, passengers have usually minimal, if any, access to the streaming content they want to watch. This is where PaxLife comes into play.


PXI provides a similar CDN software embedded in the vehicle´s server, to extend the reach of media streaming apps to users on the move (not covered up to this day by traditional CDN companies). paxCDN ensures that streaming apps are reliably delivered via the local WiFi from the vehicle´s server to passengers´ devices when requested. The vehicle´s server is synchronizing with media content via high-speed connections available along the route, keeping content available onboard up-to-date. 

paxCDN enables virtually unlimited WiFi bandwidth onboard for passengers to seamlessly stream favorite media apps, without blocking the bandwidth for others and without increasing broadband data charges for transport operators.

We support the integration of national & local public radio/TV streaming apps or any private media streaming platforms (SVOD, AVOD) interested in connecting with viewers on the go.