Paxlife Innovations


Live streaming for video and audio
to all passengers


4G or 5G is installed and running in vehicles. But streaming live events or even daily news usually remains a major problem for transport operators: the vehicle’s WiFi connectivity is not able to support all passengers watching live streams at the same time – because it consumes a disproportionate amount of data – and bandwidth capacity is quickly exhausted.This is where paxSTREAM can come into play.

Like a Content Delivery Network, paxSTREAM caches selected live streams (from radio, TV, public or private media) on the vehicle´s server then makes them accessible to any passenger as one single reliable stream delivered to their connected devices; by doing so it requires minimum cellular bandwidth capacity and leads to enormous data savings for the operator.

In addition, each passenger can call up the live stream at a specific time in a time-delayed manner, so that other passengers who call up the stream later have their own time-delayed viewing experience. paxSTREAM thus enables each passenger to have their own “live” experience.